Friday, August 21, 2009

Nuttin' Honey

That's pretty much what I've been doing lately... :) Wow!! I can't believe August will soon be over. I have not accomplished near this summer what I set out to do in experimenting with glass. But, all-in-all, much was accomplished as I am now in my new office/studio. The small room was our (hubby and me) first renovation project. We are very proud of it, though it's hardly recognizable at the moment because it's such a mess. It didn't take long. I'm sure many of you can relate. :)

I have an opportunity to take a class in November where I will learn some new processes in glass fusing (new to me) and I am so excited about the workshop. I really need to do this for myself.

Right now, I am busy, busy, busy getting my inventory ready for the upcoming season. And, I have some experimenting to do......there's still time. :)

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