Saturday, February 21, 2009

House Rejuvination Project

Wow! February is just flying by. I have a show to get ready for in two weeks and a huge new display that needs filling up at the Cocoa store. I'll post a picture once it is finished, because right now it looks pretty bare. It holds over 500 creations. I'm half way there. Very exciting! :)

Another thing that's exciting is Brian and I are stripping down the small guest room and turning it into my glass studio so that I'm not having to work in the garage "sweatshop" during our long, hot summers. My kiln and grinders will continue to stay in the garage, but the rest comes inside. It's a small room, so I need to be careful in planning it out so that I have plenty of room to work and at the same time can move around and not feel closed in. After hurricane Fay, we had water damage from the rain coming in the window sill and had that fixed and a new window put in last week (wow!!! the cost of windows these days). Today, we are scraping the popcorn ceiling and priming the walls. Then we will be at a standstill until an electrician comes in so that we can have some lighting put in (why builders don't do this in the first place, I just don't understand).

And, this is just the beginning of our home rejuvination project. The little artist that I am, you can just imagine what the walls look like. :) If you stand in one place you will see about 7 different colors. It's been this way for almost ten years, so it's time for a "renewal". We plan to tone the walls down and splash color around with accessories (okay maybe one or two walls will have some color - I can dangle a couple of carrots for this). :)

Welp, back to work!! I'll take pictures as we go.

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